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Business Process Outsourcing: Building a Better Work Process

It’s always a good idea to work smarter, not harder. If you work for a business process outsourcing company, this is doubly true. In order to streamline work processes and minimise errors in communication, it’s important to have the right team on hand.

Business process outsourcing companies can use these tips to increase their efficiency and make work more manageable.

What is a Work Process?

A work process is a series of steps taken to complete a task or goal. In business, work processes are often the same across teams and departments.

BPO work process

Work processes are not the same as workflow. Workflows are work processes that have been standardised and used across different work teams or departments.

The difference between a work process and a workflow lies in the work process not being standardised.

In work processes that have undergone standardisation, workflows are often an outcome of work process improvement initiatives.

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When work is done in a standardised way across teams or departments and it becomes more efficient than the old system, this is adopted as a formalised work process (a workflow) that everyone in the company must follow.

How to improve your process efficiency

There are many ways to make a work process more efficient, but it ultimately comes down to choosing the right team members for each position within the company.

For example, if you have work that requires long-distance travel often – hiring someone more local will make your work process much more efficient because they don’t have to spend a lot of time on the road , which reduces work hours and expenses.

Tips for Building a Better Work Process in Your BPO Firm

Businesses can benefit from streamlining work processes so that each step in completing an action has been thought through and optimised for efficiency. This reduces errors (and therefore wasted time) as well as inefficiencies .

Some work processes should be streamlined by building a team using the right work process outsourcing employees. Every BPO company has different work requirements, but these tips can help streamline your work process:

Create an efficient work management system

Build an efficient pipeline that each employee fits into so you know exactly what to expect from them and when. This allows for quick communication within your team.

Management needs to investigate how best work is managed within the company. Ensure you have clear job descriptions and roles assigned so each employee knows what they need to do, when it needs to be done, and how to do it.

work processes

Bulletproof management processes means that you have done the analysis to work out what you need, and that each manager knows how their team work together. When work is done in a way the organisation understands it makes sure everyone works efficiently towards one goal: growth.

Use new technologies that reduce time spent on routine tasks

There are now dozens and even more technologies that can help you in your project work. You can use automated workflow software – or what is commonly known as a workflow management system – to reduce work time.

The use of workflow management systems has a lot of advantages not only for the company, but also for every individual employee. For example, it saves costs and increases profit margins in your business since you need fewer people doing more work at lower rates than before.

Kanban BPM Boombirds

Mundane and routine tasks are automated with workflows. This allows you to focus on more important aspects of your work and job, such as coming up with new ways to improve work processes for better results in the future.

Develop effective training programs for employees

Quality and performance can only be preserved if work is handled efficiently. Training programs for employees and a work procedure manual that guide workflows should be well defined and executed to an expected standard of quality.

Training materials need to be updated regularly and work procedures need to be tweaked more frequently.

employee work process

Develop the flows in a way that makes it easy for employees to understand during the on boarding process.

Make sure that employees receive adequate training for work procedures so they are aware on how they should handle specific requests / tasks from clients or external parties.

Break down complex tasks into simple, manageable steps

It’s common for business process outsourcing firms to work on multiple projects at once. However, it is important for them to break down complex tasks into simple and manageable work steps so that they can work efficiently as possible without causing errors or delays in the work process.

If a company has not set up work processes within their business, then outsourced employees may have trouble understanding which workflow step comes next. Because of that, they might mess up the service work order.

Businesses need to ensure that all of their procedures are clearly defined in writing before handing them over to anyone else on the team – it’s very important to document them.

Here is a free template that can help you get started to document your procedures:

SOP template

Download Now

You can use even use a simple checklists as an effective workflow document. This helps those who need it the most, like in this case, outsourced employees understand what their tasks are and how they fit into your company’s workflows – all written out for them so that there is no room for error or misinterpretation of work steps.

To ensure outsourced work is executed seamlessly, with minimal errors, BPO managers must build a better work process.

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