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3 Things Retail Logistics Stands to Gain from BPM software

Retail Logistics

Retail businesses are a labyrinth of business processes with service delivery at the heart of it all. These enterprises strive to create fulfilling customer experiences on a sustained basis, and this is where they face their biggest challenge – managing their processes for repeated success. The magnitude of this challenge is only amplified once one understands the sheer number of processes involved in creating a singular customer experience. Needless to say, using obsolete tools like spreadsheets do not make the cut.

In this blog, we take you through three reasons why your retail logistics needs a Business Process Management tool.

Creating a consistent customer experience

Of course, we were going to start with the most obvious advantage. By popular opinion, the biggest advantage a BPM brings to the table is operational structure. A comprehensive BPM lets Operations Managers customise workflows thereby enforcing SOPs and ensuring that their teams adhere to processes across functions.With this structure in place, teams can seamlessly collaborate to form a more concise, consistent delivery experience.    

Giving fleet operations an upgrade

Fleets are integral to any operation, especially so for retail enterprises. Each vehicle type is used for specific tasks and is capable of carrying specific payloads. Considering the sheer number of tasks at hand, it becomes critical for Operations Managers to have a holistic view of their consignments and ensure that it is in the best possible condition to handle a high volume of tasks on a day-to-day basis.

This is precisely where the power of a BPM comes into play. BPMs allow managers the ability to plan tasks, specify routes, pick-ups, and drop-offs. Even details at the granular level like planning consigments, payouts, fuelling stops, and tyre changes can seamlessly be specified with a BPM in place. 

Complete transparency

In the case of manual retail process management, managers have little to no visibility into order fulfilment or whether they were fulfilled at all. This not only makes it difficult for them to keep track of with multiple consignments but makes it impossible to keep customers informed of the status of their orders.

With a BPM in place, managers not only have complete freedom to assign tasks to appropriate personnel but can stay updated on consignments and orders from the minute they leave the warehouse to when they are delivered.  Additionally, they can even be provided photographic proof at the point of pick-up and delivery. This way, they stay on top of things.

The rising importance of BPM software has not only taken new meaning in the realm of retail but has redefined the way enterprises operationally function. BPMs streamline business process workflows and can help in replicating recurring tasks to save a great deal of time. They are now an irreplaceable tool that every retail enterprise needs to reinforce their process and improve efficiency.

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  • Gain a granular view of retail logistics operations
  • Track your field teams as they carry out their tasks
  • Upgrade your fleet/consignment management process

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