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10 Key Benefits of Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

When it comes to splendid teamwork quotes, no one said it quite as well as the 33rd President of the United States Mr. Harry Truman, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Succinctly put, it hits home the most valid point today – yes, teamwork works. Without any further ado, let’s move on to know the finest advantages of team collaboration.

  1. Improves productivity: In a group, each individual and the teams involved are apportioned an equal load of work. Thus, distributing tasks among the workforce leads to effective team collaboration, translating to enhanced productivity and lesser burnout.
  2. Better bonding: Today, time crunch has given rise to reduced interaction between individuals in home zones or workplaces. When a team collaborates, it helps in better interaction and coordination between team members, which in turn leads to sharp synergy, improved bonding and better understanding among teammates.  

  3. Rewarding meetings: Employees have less time for meetings today; not to forget, interest levels. Efficient collaboration between teams means productive meetings. To begin with, go with a clear checklist of which team does what. Get the agenda right. Bring in the relevant team leads for the status while the juniors fruitfully complete an extra rung or two on the job.

  4. Swifter time to market: Dismiss that age-old adage ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ as just an old wife’s tale. In any workplace – whether big or small, the bigger the team, the better and stronger it is. With more able hands pitching in, meet your deadlines faster.   

  5. Access to top talent: Team collaboration gives you the extra edge, especially when it comes to attracting fresh talent. Going by the PwC research, millennials “relish the opportunity to engage, interact and learn from senior management.” Goes without saying that the best way to network and intermingle across teams is via team collaboration. 

  6. Transparency of work: Have multiple teams working on a project? Know the exact status of each team and if they are meeting and delivering on committed prior deadlines. Make each team lead accountable and responsible for all the team members on board the project; so that they could plug weak links and arrest time wastage. Maintain step-by-step governance, accountability and ownership by breaking down tasks into simple checklists. 

  7. Accelerate business growth: Collaboration at workplaces is a definite way to gauge and better employee performance. As associates are in line with a firm’s vision and goals, they stay committed, which in turn, fast tracks the bottom-line.

  8. Less associate stress: Working in silo never works. Not in the animal kingdom and unquestionably not in ours, either. Teamwork beautifully and seamlessly hastens a task at hand and alleviates the pain points among employees. Yes, it does help to know that someone is always there to have our back, so to speak.

  9. Better on boarding for new associates: Documentation is a big game- changer, especially for new recruits. Have the process of each task completely filed, processed and documented as a workflow. You’d surely agree that a comprehensive workflow is by far the best way to on board a new employee.

  10. Improves flexibility: Think about it. That is just the win-win situation you have always wanted for your organisation. Whenever there’s a shuffle or shift in teams or members, team collaboration can help in taking charge. Teamwork and collaboration are the foundations of work methodologies such as Agile and Scrum, which authorise teams to be more open and adaptable.

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