Over the last few years, the demand for dynamic third-party logistics (3PL) and warehousing services has drastically increased. As of 2018, 86% of Fortune 500 companies have integrated their operations with 3PL services, and medium enterprises are looking to swiftly follow suit. Therefore, there is a need for 3PLs to improve their operational efficiency in order to drive consistency and dependency.

If you're involved in managing logistics operations and last-mile delivery, you're probably

  • Searching for ways to mobilise your teams faster and increase the number of deliveries you fulfil
  • Trying to maintain visibility of what your operations and delivery teams are doing at a given point in time
  • Struggling to keep track of where your drivers are and what they are doing
  • Having trouble keeping your customers updated regularly about the status of their deliveries

And you know you could get a lot more done if you could

  • Spend less time coordinating ground activities and more time finding ways to reduce operational costs
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your delivery team’s activities and ensure they strictly adhere to operational guidelines
  • Empower your back-office teams to be self-organised by allowing them to pick up jobs from their team’s queue
  • Keep track of shipments from pick up to the completion of delivery in real-time
  • Proactively optimise delivery operations by planning trips, assigning multiple deliveries, defining trip incentives, and automating customer notifications

Here’s how Boombirds helps

Self-sustained Job Management

Route jobs to specific teams intelligently and allow team members to proactively self-assign work from the queue

Delivery Tracking

Keep track of trucks, drivers, and shipments from the point of pick up through delivery on a live map view

Route Planning and Optimisation

Optimise route plans, merge trips, assign resources, define trip incentives, and manage exceptions

Operational Procedure Adherence

Create customisable, SOP-aligned workflows to track processes ranging from quotation to delivery and billing

Operational Visibility

Get a bird’s eye view of your operations and keep track of the status of each order on Kanban smartboards

Customer Collaboration

Collaborate with customers within a service ticket and gain digitally signed acknowledgements as proof of delivery

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