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How Lean Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Can Amplify your Customer Acquisition and Onboarding Experience!

Lean CRM

Customer acquisition and subsequent onboarding plays a critical role in every company, whether you are providing technology solutions , support services or even manufacturing goods.

One way to accomplish this is through Lean CRM, a simple process to focus your core CRM activities on your customers. You begin by seeing what customers value and then use this as the focal point to reorganise all your customer acquisition and onboarding processes in favour of your customers.

Background to Lean CRM

Lean CRM was developed by Toyota, in Europe, in response to the growing volume of touch points during the customer lifecycle. It allowed Toyota to identify customer behavioural changes, respond and increase customer satisfaction.  Lean CRM provides an efficient approach and encompasses best practices which are easily scalable, repeatable and by focusing on your customers it delivers significant return on investment and ultimately customer retention.

The objective of building a lean, simplified model is to collaborate across marketing, sales, customer success and after-sales in an enterprise.

This process starts by observing & recording the customer behaviour and reactions looking for clues (in sales and marketing) even while defining the target audience, profiling the customer followed by acquisition.  In an example of a software business, like ours, each of these touch points aids in gathering information to  be passed on to nurture and grow the customer from a prospect, potential, trial to a paid customer and finally to a raving fan.

Top 6 focus points to create a winning Lean CRM machine:

  1. Develop a well thought out lean CRM Strategy
  2. Embrace a customer-first mindset as an organisation
  3. Ensure Management & Team commitment
  4. Observe the right programs through customer feedback.
  5. Involve customer feedback with programs such as Voice of Customer
  6. Be open to iteration of the process

We recognise this at Boombirds, and that’s why we’ve been eating our own dogfood!

How Boombirds can supercharge your Lean CRM implementation for enterprises:

  • Implement our zero-code solution to iterate your acquisition and onboarding processes
  • Leverage our in-built Lean methodologies (e.g. Kanban, Value Stream mapping and Agile) to develop your Lean CRM process
  • Fast-track setup with a tailored template covering pipeline, acquisition,  customer onboarding and support
  • Gain a bird’s-eye view of your ongoing CRM activities and keep track of the status of each on our Kanban-inspired smartboards
  • Nurture not only leads but also customer onboarding through the entire life cycle with forms and checklist along each step.
  • Customer information & reaction collected proves as a source for creating the ideal customer response for the customer success team along the flow.
  • Get up and running in less than 30 minutes with Boombirds cloud-based SaaS offering and kick start the refinement of your onboarding program now.
  • Remember, Lean is all about making continuous improvement. Start with a simple process. Make progressive process improvements in weekly iterations while your team adapts to the new process in a truly agile way.

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