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Category: Logistics Solutions

7 Ways Real-Time Tracking Benefits the Logistics Industry

By and large, logistics is the planning and execution of goods from point A to the final and required destination. Real-time tracking of fleet and consignments ensures greater visibility and helps build stronger relationships between vendors and buyers, better customer service and increased customer satisfaction...

The Top Five Challenges Faced by Logistics Managers Today

Logistics Managers do not have it easy. Managing and getting the most out of their fleet can be chaotic as best, especially when being manually managed with spreadsheets. They sometimes find themselves jumping through hoops to get deliveries fulfilled on time...

5 ways technology could help transform the logistics business

Looking at the way and pattern in which we are linked to technology, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Through the years, technology has been instrumental in shaping and bettering any sphere, vertical or life, per se...

7 Ways Business Process Management will Transform your Logistics Company

Staying ahead of the growing challenges can be a tough task for a small or medium-sized logistics company. Changing customer expectations, complex business models and increasing client demands pose a serious challenge in streamlining logistics operations management...

Logistics Industry – Driving Ahead into the Future

The logistics industry has embraced innovation in its processes to resolve challenges in achieving cost-efficiency and asset productivity. “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” said Sun Tze, a Chinese general and strategist...

Top Challenges Faced by the Logistics Industry

With the growth and popularity of the internet in the 21st century, there has been a steady rise in the growth of e-commerce industries around the world and one industry which has greatly benefited from this unprecedented growth is the logistics industry...