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Mileford is a growing logistics firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have been providing transportation and warehousing services since 2012, specialising in the transportation of loose goods throughout Malaysia. The company also provides cross-border trucking services between Malaysia and Singapore. A majority of their 25-member team is on-field, with the company poised for expansion.

Darren Tan, the owner of Mileford, reached out to Boombirds to help move them forward in their digital transformation efforts. They were looking for a solution that could help them drive procedural efficiency while helping them reduce operational costs.

“Boombirds does more than your average Transportation Management System (TMS). I find it much easier to notify clients of the status of their deliveries at every step and build on these relationships. As an owner, I am eager to explore the solution more and find ways to further improve my daily operations with advanced workflow management capabilities.”

Darren Tan, Owner, Mileford

The Challenges

Sales tracking

Managers used a paper-based system to keep track of sales. They found it increasingly difficult to culminate the data and create an accurate summary of the number of deliveries they fulfilled on a daily basis.

Driver allowance

Incentives for each trip were handled on a manual basis. The ad-hoc way this was done made it inconvenient and cumbersome for everyone involved.

Rise in operational costs

The organisation struggled to optimise routes and effectively plan their consignment delivery activities. This caused a steep rise in associated costs.

Vehicle utilisation and downtime

Tracking vehicle utilisation and downtime was crucial and had a direct impact on sales and operational planning. The organisation used a manual system to keep track of these metrics which proved insufficient.

Manual updates

Managers heavily relied on drivers to keep the back office informed of the status of each work order. Additionally, a lot of time was being spent on keeping customers updated on the status of their consignments. This was not cost or time effective.

Customer relationships

Mileford were reliant on providing their regular customers better rates based on the volume of business they provided them. Without access to crucial customer data, they found it difficult to offer competitive prices and strengthen these customer relationships.

The Solution

Sales summary

With Boombirds, Mileford was able to visualise pipeline, ongoing, and completed work orders. This made it easier to keep track of the deliveries fulfilled at any given point in time. The aggregation of this data made it easy to summarise and report sales numbers more accurately.

Incentive management

Mileford greatly benefited from Boombirds’ incentive management functionality. They were able to specify payouts and incentives for each trip and this additionally helped drivers keep track of them with the mobile app.

Route planning and optimisation

Managers were able to use Boombirds’ planning board to seamlessly plan delivery routes, create batch trips, and combine multiple deliveries in a single trip. Additionally, consignments could be added to trips at any point during trip execution. This helped them save on operational costs and improve efficiency.

Comprehensive utilisation and downtime tracking

Boombirds made it easy to keep track of these crucial factors. In-depth trip reports gave managers the ability to view the number of trips fulfilled vehicle-wise as a measure of utilisation. Additionally, detailed pitstop reports helped them track vehicle downtime by giving them a breakup of time spent for fuel stops, tyre changes, repair and maintenance as well as food and rest stops in the trip.

Automatic updates and notifications

Drivers could update the pickup and drop status of each of their work orders through the mobile app. Boombirds, in turn, sent customers automatic notifications to keep them informed at every step of the delivery process.

Customer relationship tracking

With Boombirds, Mileford was able to view all ongoing activities and generate in-depth reports of all jobs done for each customer. This gave them a clearer view of business volume which they were able to use to provide customers with better rates.

The Result

Boombirds was instrumental in helping Mileford digitise their operations by enabling them to track, plan, and execute each work order with great diligence. Additionally, resources such as trucks and drivers have become easier to account for, and this, in turn, has greatly helped them improve utilisation and reduce operational costs. They are now much better positioned to respond to new work opportunities with confidence to enable them to grow.

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