About the Client

PRO Partner Group provides company setup, local partnership and PRO Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the wider UAE, Oman, and Qatar. For over 10 years they have helped to provide a dedicated corporate local partnership platform for company licensing, corporate structuring, assistance with staff and family visas, immigration, and labour matters. Through secure, transparent, rapid, efficient services (combined with local knowledge) their goal is to be the partner of choice for companies wishing to establish business within the GCC.

“Boombirds has helped improve efficiency and accountability within the Operations Team at PRO Partner Group. We have seen a significant reduction in the number of internal emails, workflows are now centralised and reports can easily be generated. The implementation itself was extremely smooth, which was primarily down to the development and support team at Boombirds, as well as the user-friendliness of the software.”

Jessica, COO

The Challenges

PRO Partner Group were struggling with a lack of visibility on how many processes people were handling, being able to accurately report on what was happening and being overwhelmed with too many spreadsheets and internal emails.

Unable to hold staff accountable for output, to be able to accurately understand staffing capacity, and to operate efficiently.

Need for a centralised source to manage workflow, enable comprehensive reporting on the entire operations and predict staffing requirements to plan for scaling to meet new client demands

The Solution

Boombirds allows PRO Partner Group to have complete control over their operations, with a real-time bird’s-eye view to pinpoint workflow gaps, increase productivity and meet client deadlines.

Thanks to digitising their operating procedures the Management are confident that the team are following their process, that bottlenecks can be easily identified and remediated, and that redundant work can be eliminated.

Now PRO Partner Group uses Boombirds to manage their entire back-office operations as well as their PROs in the field.

The Result

Boombirds has helped the Company to hold staff accountable, better manage PRO’s time and given the COO better oversight of the number of processes. Internal emails for managing day to day operations have been reduced by over 50%. Their goal of having a centralised operations management system to manage workflow, enable reporting and be able to scale for new client demand has been achieved. As a result, they can easily manage reassignment of work, predict capacity and deliver exceptional service.

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