Boombirds for Field Services offers enterprises a way to automate operations and improve the productivity of their on-field teams by tracking resources in real-time, improving transparency, and easing the coordination between field and office teams. The intuitive platform is a well-rounded solution for companies that carry out services within a premise such as facility management as well as those that deploy teams to fulfil home services such as landscaping, handyman, maintenance, etc.

    Align Office and
    On-field Teams

  • Create an unlimited number of logical, SOP-aligned process workflows for seamless office and on-field operations

  • Collect crucial information at every step with custom forms

  • Ensure process adherence with comprehensive checklists

  • Replicate service requests with a single click of a button

  • Configure role-based permissions and define who can raise and work on service requests

  • Reassign service requests back to source teams automatically for contextual follow-up

    Field Services

  • Add and manage customer locations for more efficient service planning

  • Create a beat plan of customer locations that need to be serviced periodically

  • Schedule repeat contract maintenance requests with recurrence policy management

  • Allow field agents to raise service requests based on customer requirements on-site

  • Enable field agents to fulfil ad-hoc service requests on-field

    Field Staff Tracking

  • Live-track field teams as they fulfil service requests at customer locations

  • Proactively plan routes for service visits and optimise resource utilisation

  • Merge multiple customer services into single service trips for improved operational efficiency

  • Configure service-based payouts and surcharges for field staff

    Strengthen Customer

  • Enable customers to raise and track service requests

  • Create effective multi-channel customer engagement touchpoints – email, in-app notifications, and chat

  • Communicate with customers contextually within a service request

  • Provide customers with periodical updates and proof of service completion

  • Obtain digitally signed post-service acknowledgements from customers

  • Enable customers to rate the service delivery and collect unbiased feedback

    Improve Operational

  • Obtain standardised time-stamped activity logs at every step of service fulfilment

  • Access custom reports by team or assignee to gain a holistic view of operations

  • Create an extra level of approval post service fulfilment to ensure quality adherence

  • Generate in-depth service and trip-based reports to help gauge efficiency

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