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Overwhelmed and losing track of your manual processes?
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Digital Transformation with
Business Process Management (BPM) Software

The evolution of business process management and digital transformation are closely linked. Digital transformation is a term that describes how organizations use technology to transform their businesses, while business process management is the system that enables it. As we enter a new era of in which data and information flow freely, these two concepts will continue to evolve together as one.

BPM helps organisations with workflow management and workflow automation. BPM helps to automate tasks that were previously completed manually or by batch processing.

BPM is a technique for improving the flow of work in an organization through better coordination and collaboration among employees. It aims to increase productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

The general goal of any business process management system is to empower employees with an automated workflow management that improves coordination and collaboration between employees, as well as customers.

The benefits of BPM are plentiful: improved visibility into workflow status; increased employee effectiveness; reduced cost, time and paper-based transactions; better customer service through faster delivery times; enhanced employee onboarding experience.

Boombirds web-based, no-code software can improve your project management, workflow automation, as well as give you the right tools to manage tasks effectively.

Customers who love using Boombirds

How Boombirds has transformed
the way professional firms work

Build your business processes in record time

  • Code-Free visual builder is easy and intuitive

  • Simple step-based workflows transform your manual processes in minutes

  • Clone templates - including forms and checklists - for rapid deployment

"An incredibly flexible solution to meet any business process need, love the simple set up and how easy it is to iterate"

Managing Director

Easily maintain processes and enforce compliance

  • Alerts for outstanding actions and checklists preventing steps from being skipped

  • Flexible permissions to establish constraints around task re-allocation, who can work on each step and changing due date

  • Optional notifications for customers to ensure service consistency, quality & timeliness

"We can't imagine going back to manual operations management, in fact to my business I now see it as important as email!"

Mr. V.K. Dinesh
Senior Partner

Makes it easy for you to identify and fix bottlenecks

  • Kanban-inspired bird's-eye management view pinpoints workflow gaps to increase productivity

  • Multi-dimensional filter zooms in by customer, individual, team, priority etc.

  • Drill down by each step to eliminate process wastage (value-stream mapping)

  • Cut down on emails between teams with complete operational visibility

"I now see it as important as email, it’s my most senior employee! And it’s improved our operational efficiency by 30%."

Mr. Venkatesh

Empowers your team to smoothly execute business processes

  • Establish self-organised teams with intelligent routing and task assignment rules

  • Create and delegate sub-tasks between team members for ad-hoc collaboration outside of the normal workflow

  • Permit specific steps to be skipped and set rollbacks to manage exceptions in linear workflows

"Highly recommend to any auditor or accountant who is looking to scale and make a significant difference in their business. "


Automatically track the time worked by everyone on your team

  • Never leave money on the table again with all activities tracked by client to ensure accurate billing

  • View time spent logged in and on active work by team member for employee productivity

  • Easily report on how work gets done with breakdown by file, task & activity

"Irrespective of the client, size and turnover, we are now able to maintain the same high standards of service delivery. These happy clients have shared their experience, resulting in many referrals and overall increased revenue."

Mr. Gautam
Team Lead

Effortlessly manage retainer services for your clients

  • Flexible recurence policy auto-generates relevant jobs by client and service

  • Set frequency timeframes for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual commitments

  • Easily define due date and days prior that job to be auto-created

"Boombirds has helped improve efficiency and accountability within the Operations Team with over 50% reduction in the number of internal emails. Workflows are now centralised and reports can easily be generated for Management."


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Here’s how Boombirds helps

Intelligent Assignment routing

Seamlessly and intelligently assign case files to teams enabling them to self-organise their corresponding work.

Easily accessible daily time-log of activities

Automatically log how much time was spent on each item - enabling a productivity report for your team, individually as well as showing the effort spent on clients.

Comprehensive Bird's Eye View

Kanban-inspired smartboard shows case files at various stages of completion, helping to identify bottlenecks and ensure timely invoicing.

Automate retainer services

Easily manage regular services e.g., Annual tax filing, monthly bookkeeping, or quarterly Business Activity Statements with flexible recurrence policies.

Guaranteed Procedural Compliance

Embed Standard Operating Procedures with checklists and forms to ensure process adherence within each step.

Seamless customer collaboration

Improve customer experience by inviting them to raise new service requests and empower your team to update your customers on the progress of their files.

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Overwhelmed and losing track of your manual processes?
Grab your free Process Optimisation Blueprint to help get your time back!

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