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Tag: BPM

How Data is Enhancing Business Process Management

Business processes' impact on data use is integral in a company's success. By implementing process models, companies can gain deeper understanding of how and who uses the information - this insight has real implications for big data analytics, management and master data strategies.

People Management: The Missing Link

People managers are unsung heroes. They often have to influence decisions, drive favourable outcomes and manage several factors to ensure key appointments are made and the organisation functions optimally. They are essentially the backbone of the operation...

Business Flexibility: The Need of the Hour

Businesses today are increasingly adopting an unstructured approach towards their processes and often rely on collaboration to drive results. While solutions have been devised to handle repetitive tasks, the need of the hour is for solutions that adopt a more open approach...

3 Things Retail Logistics Stands to Gain from BPM software

Retail businesses are a labyrinth of business processes with service delivery at the heart of it all. These enterprises strive to create fulfilling customer experiences on a sustained basis, and this is where they face their biggest challenge – managing their processes for repeated success...

8 Ways an Effective Workflow Can Improve Processes in your Audit Firm

Increasing resource efficiency is something that audit firms always want to achieve, considering the amount of workload each resource handles concurrently for multiple clientele. In a world where every second counts, being regimented in life and work can ensure success faster and better...

7 Trends that Prove that the Future of BPM is Bright

BPM or Business Process Management is the manner in which an enterprise or firm creates, edits, as well as analyses the processes that structure the core of its business. BPM has slowly been breaking fresh ground while setting new trends every year...