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Tag: business workflow

3 Business Processes You Can Automate Quickly

It's time to automate some processes. Here are three easy-to-automate business processes that will help your business stay organised and productive:

Business Process Management (BPM) – How It Improves Operations

Business process management is a powerful solution for improving operations. For many organisations today, it has become critical to implement BPM as a competitive advantage. Business process management tools have been instrumental in boosting productivity. BPMs promote the orderly optimisation and improvement of various processes. Beyond being a service, business process management can serve multiple

5 Surprising Business Inefficiencies (and What to do About it)

You’ve heard the saying – ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’ How about we coin a new adage? Business inefficiencies breed low productivity and reduced morale! Business inefficiencies can seep into the business unknowingly, and from anywhere. The problem with inefficiency in business is that it forms part of a vicious cycle. You’ll be in a loop of

Are you losing sight of your remote team?

Depending on where you are in the world, things might be getting back to some kind of normal. But for other companies, things are far from getting back to any semblance of normality in terms of your remote team returning to a physical office or workplace.

How Business Process Management Tools can Improve Operations

The recent years have seen a boom in SaaS-based Business Process Management tools targeted at SMEs, heralding the fact that BPM is deep-rooted and something businesses MUST do to improve efficiency. By trimming costs, bettering customer service and thereby, upholding efficiency, Business Process Management tools have surely helped boost productivity...

The Power of True Collaboration: What Makes Great Teamwork

Collaboration, in all probability, is one of the most understated qualities that teams within an organisation need to offer authentic, satisfactory experiences. ‘Teamwork’ is more than a buzzword, especially in high pressure, goal-oriented functions with strict deadlines and multiple moving parts...