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Customer Collaboration Free

  • Customer dashboard
    Provide customers with a complete view and status of their service requests
  • Wallboard communications
    Make announcements, or receive acknowledgements with customers
  • Contextual chat
    Chat with customers contextually and share case information within a service request
  • Email updates & notifications
    Share confirmations, acknowledgements, proof of service through emails
  • Feedback & ratings
    Collect customer feedback and service ratings

Office Productivity

  • Kanban smartboards
    Gain a multidimensional bird's eye view of service requests at various stages of fulfilment
  • Alternate workflows
    Skip steps or set rollbacks in processes to manage exceptions in linear workflows
  • Service compliance manager
    Create checklists and custom forms to ensure process compliance and collect reporting data at every step
  • Role-based permissions
    Create role-specific functions and permissions
  • Task delegation
    Create and delegate tasks to specific individuals for collaborative teamwork
  • Recurrence manager
    Schedule and manage repeat and contract services
  • Service cloning
    Duplicate workflow configurations and service requests
  • Bulk service import
    Import multiple service requests from spreadsheets
  • Service reports
    Generate reports on services rendered by date range, service type, and customer
  • Time-stamped activity logs
    View a detailed time-stamped log of activities performed at every step
  • Activity report by team & assignee
    Compile reports on services rendered by teams, assignees, date range, and service type

Field Productivity

  • Live trip dashboard
    Monitor the status of ongoing trips on a Kanban-inspired dashboard
  • Real-time map view
    Monitor the geographical location of vehicles or field agents in a live map view
  • Service trip manager
    Plan field service delivery by mapping service locations to trips and optimising routes
  • Ad-hoc field trip manager
    Track and manage unplanned field service trips
  • Offline location tracker
    Track the location of field agents in the offline mode for low or no network areas
  • Beat planner
    Create a beat plan of customer locations that need to be serviced periodically
  • Batch trip planner
    Plan batch trips to service multiple customer requests within a single trip
  • Trip merger
    Merge planned trips to save operational costs and increase efficiency
  • On-field exception handling
    Force-stop trips or make amendments based on changes in circumstance
  • Fluid service planner
    Add new service locations to an ongoing trip
  • Pitstop manager
    Track breaks for rest, food, fueling, vehicle repairs, and maintenance activities
  • Payout manager
    Manage trip incentives and payouts for field staff
  • Vehicle manager
    Manage a fleet of vehicles and their assignment in service delivery
  • Service location manager
    Maintain a list of customer geolocations and frequently visited locations
  • Proof of visit
    Collect photographic proof of services delivered with geocodes and timestamps
  • Trip log
    View a complete timestamped activity log of the entire trip including distance travelled
  • Trip reports
    Generate trip reports by vehicle, field staff, and date range
  • Payout reports
    Gain complete visibility of service payouts by field staff and date range
  • Pitstop reports
    Generate reports on pitstops during trips by pitstop type, field staff, and date range
  • Field service reports
    Obtain comprehensive reports of every location serviced on the field by date range

Consignment Delivery Operations

  • Live consignment tracker
    Track consignment movements from the point of pickup to delivery
  • Consignment delivery planner
    Plan pick up and delivery of consignments by optimising routes and sequences
  • Live pickup & delivery notifications
    Receive real-time notifications on consignment pick up and delivery
  • Proof of pick up and delivery
    Collect timestamped photographic proof of consignments during pick up and delivery
  • Delivery notes with e-signature
    Obtain digitally signed customer acknowledgements
  • Fluid consignment planner
    Add new consignments to an ongoing trip
  • Consignment reports
    Generate in-depth reports on all consignments delivered by date range

Sales Operations

  • Order to delivery tracker
    Live-track products ordered from order to delivery in single or multiple consignments
  • Product catalogue manager
    Maintain, add, or remove items from a complete catalogue of products
  • Fluid order & delivery manager
    Amend product orders at any point during an ongoing trip
  • Returns manager*
    * Coming soon
    Track product order returns and exchanges
  • Merchandising manager*
    * Coming soon
    Track merchandiser movements as they fulfil service requests
  • Product order reports*
    * Coming soon
    View detailed reports on product orders placed and fulfilled by date range

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