Audit Management is more than just audit checklist and audit reports management. It is about a well-planned strategy to handle the complexities of audits, audit planning, risk assessment and risk management at various stages of the audit process, as well as analysing compliance evaluations and getting meaningful insights from audit data.

For any types of audits services (e.g. internal audits, external audits, or health and safety audits), it is crucial to ensure that compliance standards are in place to ensure you are fulfilling your obligations, operating within the law and any remediations are actioned accordingly. Further it's important to monitor what's happening real-time and be able to easily compare audit trail and see potential risks across the audit program. This allows for actions to be taken faster to rectify them. With an effective audit processes compliance program, you'll be able to identify problems quickly and take corrective actions before it's too late!

With Boombirds, customers from any industry can create tailored workflows of the audit process, complete with audit score and risk ratings, compliance logs, intelligent form fields, intuitive audit report dashboards and more…

Workplace Health and Safety Audit Services Use Case

A workplace health and safety audit is an impartial assessment of the level of risk within a company's operations. The objective is to identify hazards, evaluate their impact on employees' health and safety, recommend measures to reduce or eliminate the risks, and monitor audits compliance with these recommendations over time.

As a Chief Operations Officer, Head of Quality, Compliance, or Audit no matter your industry and company size you must adhere to industry regulations. In this role, it is especially important to carry out targeted safety inspections periodically. Most companies lack the tools to ensure these walkarounds are completed properly which means they may not be fully compliant with compliance standards.

The Health and safety of employees and clients in the workplace are always an important concern. The recent pandemic has made the auditing process even more relevant than before, in order to ensure quality management standards and compliance with regulations.

Boombirds Audit Management Software helps you with workplace risk and compliance assessment and audit management.

Audit Management Features

Comprehensive compliance and risk management solution

Ensure all steps are being followed and monitor process compliance with audit checklists

Measure performance metrics
using SLAs and KPI features

Track audit service completion using predefined timeline performance indicators

6 KPIs That Matters for Your Audit Firms

scoring and rating

Record compliance score and apply thresholds to see an overall snapshot of your process compliance rating.

Real-time tracking

Supports physical audits on the ground by fulfilling services and update real-time information using the Android mobile app or via the web on any tablet

Intelligent Form fields

Spend less time on data reporting and leverage advanced and dynamic fields to auto-populate critical reporting data

Consolidated form logs

View a detailed summary of compliance results from every step of the service workflow to easily identify potential issues or near-misses

Audit Practice Management Use Case

Audit Practice Management Software can help organisations with audit management as well as managing risk and compliance.

This management system helps internal and external audit firms with quality management, risk assessment, risk management, compliance reporting and audit planning.

Boombirds audit management software is a cloud-based platform that can support your entire management system in one place to help you integrate and scale.

How Boombirds Revolutionised Practice Management for an Audit Firm

The secret behind how VKDS was able to significantly improve operational efficiency

VKDS is a fast-growing audit firm from Chennai, India. They provide audit, advisory, tax, and other allied services for individuals and businesses. VKDS turned to Boombirds as a part of their digital transformation efforts. They were looking at streamlining their processes and simplify the management of their daily activities more efficiently.

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