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Five strategies to avoid business overwhelm in your organisation

A typical way most business owners tackle overwhelm is by putting in longer work hours, and that tends to trickle down to their employees as well, leading to not just the business owner being overwhelmed, but the entire organisation is on a whirlwind every day, often not knowing what they achieved at the end of a day! Uncover useful strategies to overcome the constant state of overwhelm...

6 Ways to Manage Customer Expectations

Instead of leaving it to chance, and risking miscommunication and disappointment, here are 6 ways to manage customer expectations.

Qualities of effective leaders? Here are 5 of them…

What are the qualities of effective leaders and what sets them apart? They have the same 24 hours as everyone else, so how do they manage to achieve so much? Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice – a choice to look after the person to the left of us

Your post COVID reopening checklist: 10 post-COVID-19 measures for your workplace

You’re eager to re-open again after an extended period of closure, but are your post-covid-19 health and safety measures enough to meet the rules, requirements and regulations for a post-pandemic workplace? We’ve put together 10 things to consider  in our post covid reopening checklist to help you safely re-open. From shopping malls and cinemas to

Webinar: Audit Practices Remote Team Readiness

John Chambers, Exe. Chairman, CISCO SYSTEM once said – “At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… If they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”  A study by MIT Sloan & Capgemini showed that – “90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will

6 Ways leaders of the future prioritise their workload

Ever wondered how truly great leaders always seem calm, well-organised and accomplish what they need? They have the same 24 hours a day that everyone else does. So what's their secret? There are 6 ways future-focussed leaders prioritise....